Gay marriage referendum in Slovenia


Slovenia is getting ready for a referendum to change the law on marriage and family relations which provides for the right for same-sex marriages.

At the 3.113 polling stations more than 1.7 million citizens will arrive and vote.

The official results of the referendum will be announced on February 16, and the first unofficial count will be announced tonight at 9:00pm.

Although polling stations were opened at 7 am, the first time one of the 1.7 million registered voters showed up, local media reported.

If the amendments are adopted, the law will be valid after fifteen days after being published in the Official Gazette.

After Parliament declares the law valid, they can not adopt another law that would be contrary to the decision of the voters.

Slovenian parliament passed a law in March that the definition of marriage was changed to”community of two persons” instead of “union between a man and a woman”, that’s when homosexual couples were given the same rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to adopt children.

However, opponents of the law collected in the group “There are children,” immediately they launched a campaign and managed to collect 40,000 signatures necessary for a referendum.

The law will be withdrawn if 20 percent of the voters come out and vote, and the majority of them voted no.

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