FRODEM calls for a ban on entry into the EU and the USA, and freeze bank accounts for all those who have violated the Przhino Agreement


” Following yesterday’s confirmation of the announcement of elections, despite basic conditions of the Przhino Agreement having not been met, and Ivanov’s strict rejection of the withdrawal of his invalid decision to halt legal proceedings against individuals under investigation, plus his unwillingness to resign: We call on the US and the EU members, that instead of sanctioning Macedonia and its citizens, rather they impose sanctions on those individuals and parties who have violated the Przhino Agreement, and by doing so, they have trampled upon the general public approval for Euro-Atlantic integration” reads the open letter from the FRODEM (Democratic Front of Macedonia) to the EU Member states and the US, and other countries who are friends of Macedonia.

In the letter, they request of the Member states of the EU, and the US, and also friends of Macedonia, and its peoples, ” to impose a ban on the entry into their countries, and the freezing the bank accounts of companies and individuals whose names appear on the invalid decision, as well as their relatives, as well as Mr Ivanov”

The request also applies to the members of the Council of Public Prosecutors, because, according to the FRODEM, they have repeatedly obstructed the work of the Special Prosecutors Office. The request should also apply to the Constitutional Court judges ” who bear the serious responsibility for their unprofessional conduct and behavior in the violation of the Constitution and laws of this state.

FRODEM requires that these measures last until the conclusion of hearings, or until they have proven their innocence.

“We are also asking the accredited ambassadors to Macedonia that they do not invite these individuals to official receptions and meetings, and further, to suspend any future communications with them, until the completion of all the criminal legal proceedings.” Concluded the letter.



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