Freedom House rates North Macedonia as partly free country

Фото: Арбнора Мемети

In company with Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Hungary, North Macedonia in Freedom House’s report “Freedom in the World 2021” has been rated a partly free country. With its 66 points out of a potential 100 during 2021, the country saw little improvement compared to last year, when Freedom House has marked the political rights and civil freedoms with three points less. In the period starting from 2017 until today, North Macedonia marks an improvement of 9 points and a higher ranking on Freedom House’ list.

“A left-leaning government took power in 2017 prompting a crisis that paralyzed normal political activity. North Macedonia continues to struggle with corruption, and while the media and civil society are active, journalists and activists face pressure and intimidation,” stated the brief synopsis by Freedom House.

Despite the gradual improvement, Freedom House mostly objects to the rule of law in Macedonia. Regarding the transparency, freedom of speech, and corruption in North Macedonia, the last year’s evaluation marks remain the same this year.