Fourth confirmed case of COVID-19 Delta variant infection in North Macedonia, four other cases also suspected


So far, we had 3 confirmed cases of the new COVID-19 Delta variant, and yesterday another case was confirmed. The patient is treated in Veles and has a milder clinical picture. We are waiting for the results of other 4 patients that are treated in Skopje. Out of them, one is put on ventilator while the others have stable clinical pictures, informed Health Minister Venko Filipche.

“If the 4 new cases are confirmed, then there will be a total of 8 registered cases in North Macedonia. There is no epidemiological connection between the cases. The patients weren’t vaccinated. There are valid publications in Britain about the clinical pictures and the efficiency of the vaccines. Regarding the vaccines’ efficiency, they are efficient in protecting from heavier clinical picture,” said Filipche.

He said that out of the countries in the region, Greece is requesting a PCR test and a vaccination confirmation, and is the only country where these documents are requested upon entering the country.

“It is also the only country where there is a rise in the number of infections. We have to be careful. This variant was registered in more than 100 countries,” said Filipche regarding the Delta variant.

If the epidemiological picture changes, the Commission for the Protection from Infectious Diseases will meet and decide about protective measures. At this moment, Filipche said there is no pressure on the hospitals. He said that it is too early to say whether this might postpone the start of the new academic year.

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