Four former ISIS members have been arrested in a police operation

In a police operation which was carried out early this morning in Skopje and Tetovo, four people have been arrested, and another three are still at large, while all of them are suspected of being former fighters of ISIS, reports the Public Prosecution.

“The prosecutor in charge of the case from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for persecuting Organized Crime and Corruption will be investigation seven people – all members of ISIS. The suspects are accused of the crime – being part of a terrorist organization -article.394-a paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code”, says the statement of the prosecution.

Three people who were arrested this morning are from Skopje, while one is from Tetovo. The other three suspects are yet to be found by law enforcement.

“We believe that we have met all the legal grounds, and the prosecutor in charge has suggested to the judge of the preliminary procedure in the Basic Court Skopje 1 – that the suspects receive a measure of detention,” reads the statement of the prosecution.