Emil Dimitiriev: If there are no elections, Gruevski’s government should return


The mandate of this government is ‘for’ the organization of elections, but if there are no elections, then we come to the question of the propriety of the main reason for this government, and we should return to the previous government which had full legitimacy from its citizens- so wrote the Interim Prime Minister Emil Dimitiriev on his “Facebook” page

“The interim government in the long term is an untenable solution, not only in the terms of the degree of its legitimacy, which naturally comes from its citizens, but also in policy implementation. The current interim government has a limited capability, a serious handicap in terms of implementing policies, reforms or measures, which are relevant for the country and is expected by its citizens, but also in its core function, that of organizing the upcoming elections, considering the fact that a section of from the current number of ministers who hail from the opposition, have violated personal and professional relationships with other, visible priorities so as to fulfil their party’s agenda’s and directives. At the same time, resulting in the filing of multiple criminal charges, which, of course, has brought about difficult circumstances under which this government operates” he said via his Facebook page.
Additionally, today, a total of 26 MPs have signed a motion from DUI to withdraw their decision to dissolve the Parliament.

The initiative collected signatures from MPs from the DUI, the DPA and a MP from the DOM party, Liljana Popovska. As stated by Artan Grubi, Chief of Staff for Ali Ahmeti, the initiative will be submitted when 62 MPs will confirm that they will vote to postpone the dissolution of Parliament.

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