Both babies weren’t vaccinated with Di-Te-Per vaccine

Both infants for who the media reported that they died after receiving Di-Te-Per vaccine were not vaccinated with it, informed today Jovanka Kostovska, president of the Commission for infectious diseases.

– Commission to perform control to the family doctor, the vaccination teams and wherever these children were treated or had received before they found death was formed. We await the results of the autopsy, which should show what was the cause of death – informs Kostovska.

One of the babies was two months old, and the other had one month. One is from Studenichani, and the other one from Shuto Orizari.

As Kostovska explained, Di-Te-Per vaccine is given after the age of three months.

Some media earlier reported that one of infant died on the 1st, and the other on 3rd of March, after receiving Di-Te-Per vaccine.