The diplomatic club Skopje is supporting the initiative where the Skopje airport to be renamed as the former Macedonian president’s name i.e. Kiro Gligorov.

The Diplomatic club state that by renaming the airport’s name after president Gligorov will materialize the great role he has played in the process of creating Macedonia as a modern state.”

“We stress that the Skopje airport was the base point from where president Gligorov’s numerous missions have started and ended, his missions devoted to peace and friendship, and the international recognition of the Macedonian state. In his presence here were introduced for the first time practices of protocol manifestations such as hoisting of the national flag, playing the national anthem, the lining up of the honor guard – all of the gestures with which Macedonia introduced itself as an independent and sovereign state. This is the airport from where the first planes carrying Macedonian state symbols flew” states the press release of the Diplomatic Club’s Executive Board.