Part of SYRIZA requests Tsipras to cancel the agreement with the EU


Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis requests Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to withdraw the agreement with creditors before making final decisions in the Parliament.

Lafazanis, who from the beginning is a sharp opponent of the demands and proposals of the European institutions and considers measures humiliating, said in his written decision that the agreement is unacceptable and goes against the national will and order and against the proud “no” of the Greek people.

According to him, it is not worth this unacceptable agreement to fall on SYRIZA to be written in the history of this party and this government that promised abolition of memorandums of strict austerity and recession.

Lafazanis notes that Greece still has an alternative solution to this agreement and stresses that the dilemma Greece is facing because of creditors, who threaten with a disaster, is not acceptable by the Greek people. Lafazanis, moreover, clearly indicates that he and a group of 30 MPs plan to vote against the measures and the agreement in the Parliament, but do not intend to voluntarily resign.

So far, only Deputy Foreign Minister Nikos Houndis resigned, who certainly would have leaved the government to replace MEP Manolis Glezos in the European Parliament.

It is still uncertain what steps will Tsipras take for the future of the government, which looks completely divided and unstable at this point.

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