“Colourful Revolution” say there is no independent judiciary and no justice


Tonight, the Basic Court Skopje 1 tonight was painted in the colors of “Colourful Revolution.” Protesters at today’s demonstration, which traditionally start outside the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office, decided to start their protest in front of the corrupt judiciary.

The demonstrators were met outside the courthouse by several lawyers, who stated they do not want to practice their profession anymore, not because it is what they want , but according to them, because, in this country there is no justice.

Snezana Kaleska, a lawyer stated that there is no independent judiciary and there is no justice.

“I don’t want to be a lawyer in a country like this. I want to practise law where there is justice. Substansive law should be based on facts, and not the will of the powerful. Judges bow down to those who came to power in a strange way”, said Kaleska.

Lawyer Zvonko Davidovic asked what message does the court want to send to the youth: to be members of the party so they don’t have to face responsibility or accountability?

“I submitted a request for 2,200 inmates for their sentences to be reduced by 30 percent. They were asked to submit their power of attorney or to apply individually. Is that justice?” Asks Davidovic.

Also present was the Elena Eftimova, the mother of a protester who had been apprehended, Borjan. She stated that her son remains under house arrest until May 26, when the court will rule on the case. From the podium she encouraged other parents who stay at home, not to be afraid come out and encourage the youth. She stressed that if there is no change, they will be seeing their children through “Skype” and “Viber”.

Protesters then marched to the government building, where after a brief protest the crowd dispersed.

Protests against the amnesty of politicians and their associates apart from Skopje were held today in Strumica and Bitola.

The people of Bitola at tonight’s protest handed out Easter eggs to the police officers who guarded the municipal building, telling them, “If you have no eggs, here you go.” Besides protesting against the pardons, the citizens of Bitola are also demanding the resignation Mayor Vladimir Taleski.

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Elena Eftimova, mother of apprehended protester Borjan.
Elena Eftimova, mother of apprehended protester Borjan.

Lawyer Snezana Kaleska
Lawyer Snezana Kaleska

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