At today’s government session, a decision was passed to give the city of Skopje permanent management of the central heating infrastructure that will be managed by the newly formed enterprise for the distribution of heating and gas “Gradski Energetski Sistemi” (City Energy Systems) (GES).

“Through AD GES – Skopje, the city of Skopje will be implementing its measures to decrease the air pollution in the city, which is a consequence of the home heating, through the development and the expansion of the central heating network, by providing subventions for attaching to the the network, the improvement of the buildings’ energy efficiency, the decrease of the energy spending through regulation, including the building of a distribution network for natural gas” Skopje City Hall informs.

Furthermore, as it says, GES will allow a better-planned city energy system, responsible approach to the energy efficiency and rational access to combining of the central heating system and the gas network throughout the city.