Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, who resides in Washington, denied that the “Tirana platform” exists and that Albania is interfering in Macedonia’s internal affairs.

Bushati, who was a guest at the “German Marshall Fund” think-tank, refused to answer a question by American experts as to what the statement issued by Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama for the unity of Kosovo and Albania meant, reports “Macedonian Radio-Television.”

“It is not precise to say that there is a Tirana platform. There is no Tirana platform. There is a platform of Albanian political parties which was discussed with Gruevski and Zaev. An agreement was reached with Gruevski but was later rejected due to reasons unrelated to Albania, Tirana or Prime Minister Edi Rama. We have never interfered in Macedonia’s domestic affairs and we are very careful while advising in a friendly manner”, said Bushati.