Brussels recommends to Athens: Euro membership is irrevocable


The tension in the institutions and in major capitals of the European Union is increasing as the elections in Greece are getting closer, on which Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Radical Left SYRIZA, is the favorite.

According to information published this weekend in German “Spiegel” that “Greece may leave the Euro zone”, without initiating major difficulties for the euro, the tension settled down in the European Commission today.

On the regular press conference in Brussels, spokespersons insist that the EU charter, Lisbon Treaty, clearly states that “membership in the Euro zone is irrevocable”.

Despite numerous questions of the journalists of possible scenarios for leaving the Euro zone, the spokespersons of European Commissioners refuse to speculate and await the final word of Greek voters on 25th of January.

To the question whether the Commission is prepared to “negotiate” the terms of Greece’s membership in the euro zone, the spokesman added that it will be discussed after the elections, after Greek citizens would state their opinion.

Until then, the European Commission holds its position, announced in late December by Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici, immediately after the announcement for elections in Athens, that “through this democratic process, Greek citizens will once again decide their future”. Moscovici then reminded that “the strong commitment to Europe and the widespread support among Greek citizens and political leaders for the necessary reform process focused on economic growth will be crucial for Greece to again prosper in the Euro zone”.

The worsened situation in Greece increased the EU skepticism at our southern neighbor, as well as the distrust towards the current president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Namely, it is considered that Juncker has exceeded its mandate when gave his open support to one of the presidential candidates in Greece, former Commissioner Stavros Dimas, who was proposed by New Democracy.

“Fear” of the Brussels elite of possible victory of the radical left in Greece was criticized even by the respectable “Financial Times” in the November edition titled “Radical Left is right about Europe’s debt”.

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