Bojko Noev: Macedonia must urgently ask for a preventive and stabilizing mission from the EU


Macedonia must urgently ask for a preventive and a stabilizing mission from the European Union in the country, said the former Minister of Defense and Ambassador of Bulgaria in NATO, Belgium, and Luxemburg, Bojko Noev, in an interview for the Bulgarian news agency “Fokus”.

The letter from President Gjorge Ivanov addressed to the European Union, USA, NATO and Turkey is seen by Noev as a “sort of SOS signal sent to the international community that the ship in Skopje is sinking”.

“It’s a dramatic admission that the country is on the edge of lawlessness. The political crisis, which we have been observing for a while, has escalated to a condition where the Republic of Macedonia is basically losing its sovereignty,” said Noev.

When asked whether the reasons for the situation are external, as Ivanov claims in the letter, Noev says that the reasons in most part are inner and are not simple.

“To put it simply, the current ruling elite harness the entire power of the state and society and built it on a fictional false past instead of building a future for its citizens.  The ruling elite has left everything to sink because of the inferiority complex, geopolitical short-sightedness, provincialism and personal greed. That weakened and additionally has divided the country and today we see the results. Of course, there are external reasons, which are of second degree. If you are strong from the inside, no one can scare you from the outside”,  said Noev, who was a Minister of Defense of Bulgaria during the conflict in Macedonia in 2001.

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