Bexheti: Government Should Work Technically, And Not Bring Forward Strategic Decisions


The Government has come to the decision on a new project to build a distribution network of natural gas, which they announced over the weekend. However, the SDSM party believes that with less than three months before the elections, the Government is attempting to carry out one of the most scandalous and corrupt tender processes whereby the concession in question could be for a duration of up to thirty years.

At this point, the Government has no legal obstacles to conduct major strategic decisions such as the concession for the gas pipeline or adopting the budget.

In the package of laws Parliament adopted late last year following the Pržino Agreement, there is nothing to prevent the Government from advertising major projects, or announce tendering processes before the elections. On the contrary, in the period when the elections were announced the Parliament was dissolved. During which the government was only able to perform its statuary obligations such as the payment of salaries, pensions, subsidies and statuary social assistance.

However, despite any legal ramifications, the professor, and analyst Abdulmenaf Bexheti argues that is not right, nor is it advisable for the “technical” government, in its current form to discuss strategic issues that are not of a technical nature.

“The are entering into a process of which, they themselves are fully aware, they will not be able to complete, it will end up a circus. Also, it is impossible and wrong that the parliament in its present form, should implement the most important policy of state. i.e. the budget for 2017. They have taken a misleading and flippant approach to major capital projects. But, it is my belief they are trying to shift the focus, of such people as yourselves, the journalists, and analysts like myself, to divert our attention away from making sure we deal with these issues. Their intentions are the same as two years ago when they wanted to make constitutional changes”, Bexheti told “Meta”.

The energy expert Professor Konstantin Dimitrov says the decision to conduct a tendering process for the distribution network for natural gas does not mean anything, because the process, in itself, will be such a lengthy one, and it will take at least up to six months and so, will not be finished before the elections.

“There will be defining of the technical requirements, and corporate proposals will follow, there will be competitive bidding between companies and the process could last more than six months. The announcement of the tender was two years ago, however, it failed, as many things had changed, such as the price of energy, and the conditions on the ground. It would be good if the technical process ended and within six months”, said Dimitrov to “Meta”.

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