Dutch ambassador Wouter Plomp, UK ambassador Charles Garrett and US ambassador Jess Baily together with Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani, today cleaned the scattered rubbish along the city riverbanks in an eco-action, which was organized for the third consecutive year by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Vardar river behind Luna Park with companies “Pivara” and “Pakomak”.

This is the third consecutive volunteer eco-action organized by “Pivara”, “Pakomak” and the Embassy of the Netherlands. In the previous two actions they cleaned the coast and waters of Lake Matka, as well as the quay on the river Vardar. This year they collected the entire dry waste. The annual action is also part of the activities for marking the Day of the King – the national holiday of the Netherlands.

“I am pleased that this year we had the opportunity to mark our big national holiday and with this kind of action. We merged the beautiful with the useful and once again we tried to give our contribution to the reduction of pollution, which is a big problem for people and the environment. The only efficient way to permanently overcome this problem is more work, commitment and cooperation between the public sector, companies and citizens. With our action today, we want to show that each of us can give a personal example to others and encourage the solution to any problem”, said the Dutch ambassador.

The overall logistical support for adequate transport, selection and recycling of the collected waste was provided by “Pakomak”.