The former Swedish Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, who today had a series of meetings with various leaders of political parties in Macedonia, tweeted a photo of his arrival at Mala Rechica, Tetovo, at DUI headquarters. When he took the photo, it is most likely he did not intend to show where DUI keeps the Macedonian flag.

On the podium, in the hall for meetings, there are many flags, such as: the EU, US, Albanian, DUI’s flag, even the Kosovan flag, however the Macedonian flag was shyly peeking behind the other flags.

When “Meta” asked the spokesperson for DUI,Bujar Osmani, why had the Macedonian flag been set up in the back, he responded with a counter-question: “What do you mean, why has it been set up?”

We asked him an additional question to clarify, “why has the flag been placed in the corner behind all the other flags”, Osmani gave a brief and equivocal reply, and said “it was left”.