Everybody should behave responsibly, said the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti, after meeting with former Prime Minister and the former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

“This was a very interesting meeting because Carl Bildt has great experience and he is a great expert on current affairs, politics, the Balkans and elsewhere. We all need to behave responsibly”, said Ahmeti.

According to him this is a difficult process.

“DUI, as a party, up until now has invested everything and has gone to great efforts to form a parliamentary majority, but now, the decision to pull the country out of this situation and the continuation for further process, is now up to the major Macedonian political parties”, Ahmeti said. Bildt reiterated that he is here to listen to the parties and that the solution is in the Constitution.

“Today, as you know, I had meetings with the political parties in Macedonia. They are the ones who need to find the path to a solution. My main message is on Twitter: Democracy. Constitution. Europe. Respect for the three will carry Macedonia forward. That was my answer to media questions in Skopje now”, said Carl Bildt.