ARM denies “Kathimerini”: Macedonia is not setting up a fence, just clearing the terrain in case we need to


On the Macedonian-Greek border at this time, there is no fence being raised, but it is being cleared up and preparation are taking place ] on the ground just in a case the Macedonian authorities do decide on setting up the fence, a spokesman for the Macedonian Army (ARM), Lt. Toni Janevski, T

This counters the Greek daily “Kathimerini” Newspaper, which today announced that Macedonian authorities had begun  raising a fence on the southern border.

Activities on the southern border, says Janevski are in accordance with the conclusions made at the meeting of the Security Council held on 14 November.

“ARM act in accordance with the conclusions adopted by the Security Council and making the necessary arrangements relating to clearing up and planning resources needed for possible placement of a wire fence. At the moment no such limitation have been made and it would not have happened if it is determined that there is a need”, said Lt. Janevski for “Meta” journalists.

At a meeting with the Security Council, among other things, they found that in case of extreme necessity, a certain part of the southern border, was to be placed with a wire fence for greater control and to limit the flow of migrants entering the country from Greece.

The ARM, the since the Government declared a state of crisis , police assistance has been deployed a certain parts of the border with Greece to control and secure the border and developing a better and more efficient method for the registration of migrants.

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