Anti-Corruption Commission not working for 7,5 months while Parliament debates new law


The Anti-Corruption Commission, the key state body for the prevention of corruption and conflict of interests, has not been working for seven and a half months, since last March when the president, Igor Tanturovski resigned, and from 2 April members were “sent” on vacation indefinitely.

The Parliamentary Committee on Political System and Inter-Community Relations held a public debate today on the draft law on the prevention of corruption and conflict of interest, which should set a new model for the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption.

According to Oliver Ristovski, the Deputy Minister of Justice, the new composition of the State Commission for Prevention of Corruption will have 7 members, who will be professionals and will be elected in a transparent procedure. Candidates for Commission members must not have been MPs, members of the Government, donors of a political party, or have held office in political party bodies in the last ten years.

Slagjana Taseva from Transparency International estimates that the new law is a step forward in the fight against corruption and seeks the support from MPs so the Commission can become an independent body for the control and prevention of corruption.

The new law should devise a new model for the functioning of the commission, which has not worked in the last few years and were serious failures.

According to Justice Minister Renata Trenevska Desskoska, the new law strengthens the ability of the commission and will also enable it to check the bank accounts and property of officials.

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