Today, the Council of Public Prosecutors received the proposal from the Government to dismiss the Attorney General Marko Zvrlevski, confirmed the council chairman, Petar Anevski for “Meta”.

The proposal arrived today at 11:30 am at the Council of Public Prosecutors, and Anevski stated that the Council will additionally determine a date and time for a session where they can make a decision on the issue.

According to the law, the Council has a 15 day deadline which begins once they receive the resolution, to submit to the Government a positive or negative opinion, in writing, on the proposal for the dismissal of the Attorney General. If the Council of Public Prosecutors misses the deadline, for justified reasons, then, by law, they will be given an additional 15 days. During this period, if the Council does not submit their opinion, then it will be considered that they do not support the Government’s proposal.

Yesterday, Anevski stated that the Council will respond within the first 15 days of the deadline, however he did not want to prejudge what their opinion will be.