Oliver Andonov, the additional Deputy Minister of Interior, drives a “BMW X5” jeep, which the former Minister of Interior, Gordana Jankuloska also drove as an official state vehicle for almost her entire term in office, “Meta” has learned.

However, the jeep also happens to be the exact same vehicle the media identified as former football star, David Beckham’s jeep, which was stolen in Spain and allegedly smuggled into the country, where it was then impounded during a police raid.

High ranking sources within the Ministry confirmed for “Meta” that Oliver Andonov, uses “Jankuloska’s jeep” as an official state vehicle.

Yesterday, the silver-grey “BMW X5” was parked in front of the Museum of VMRO, where Andonov was one of the main guests at the promotion of “The Black pages of the UDBA – History Waiting to be Discovered” edition, published by the State Archive of the Republic of Macedonia.