Ademi: Proposals of MP groups will be accepted in the form of amendments

I will make maximum efforts to end the negative phenomena in education because it is our responsibility to provide quality education for a healthy society and a European vision of our country. I hope that you, the academic community, will give me your support for this, said Minister of Education and Science, Abdilakim Ademi, at the public debate held in the Assembly on the proposed reforms in higher education.

– When we decided to propose changes, we were guided by several principles and therefore proposed the state exam to be implemented by the Board for Accreditation and Evaluation, body which, in the future, will count eleven members will be elected by the Assembly and body that carries out accreditation and evaluation of study programs and public and private higher education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia – said Ademi.

He added that, while the bill was discussed in the Assembly, several universities and organizations submitted concrete proposals for harmonization of curricula of higher education institutions with study programs of top-ranked universities in the world by fields, as well as specific proposals for the state exam.

Ademi said that if there are suggestions in the form of amendments by the MP groups, they will be accepted.