The Ministry of Justice’s working group has stated numerous irregularities in the operations of both the Criminal Court Skopje and the Supreme Court’s regarding the use of the ACMIS system (Automated Court Case Management Information System).

As was announced by the Minister of Justice, Bilen Saljiji, the Commission has stated that the ACMIS system is implemented and regularly used at the Appellate Court except for the judicial administration.

According to the Commission’s findings, at the Criminal Court, the annual plan for the allocation of the cases was made only in 2013. The annual plan for the court’s work in 2016 and 2017 was changed often i.e. in two years it was changed 10 times. The module for automatic allocation wasn’t used and the allocation was conducted manually. The cases were allocated only with a paraph issued by the president of the court and by telephoning the court’s archive.

During the investigation at the court it was determined that 860 cases were not allocated to judges and as was said by Saljiji this will call into question the accuracy of the statistical data in the court’s monthly and annual reports sent to higher courts, the Judicial Council and the Ministry of Justice