The Ministry of Justice has begun preparing a package of amendments in several laws that should provide external independent control over the work of the police.

According to the announcement published today, the amendments will be made in the Laws for the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Public Prosecution, the Council of Public Prosecutors and the Criminal Code.

Preparations for the changes in the four laws began yesterday, and the new resolutions should be ready by November 24th.

The control of the work of the police – is regularly carried out by the Ministry of Interior and the prison officers, which is under the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice, however,  according to the amendments to the laws, it will be carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The new legal resolutions, as stated today, stem from the standards prescribed by the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and rulings from the European Court of Human Rights.

Otherwise, according to current legal resolutions, the work of the police and its actions within the laws are controlled and examined by the Department of Internal Control within the Ministry of Interior, however, it was considered by the public as insufficient and problematic.