The Greek police announced that during the “Macedonia is Greek” protest, that is taking place in the center of Athens, 140.000 people attended the protest and they arrived there from all corners of Greece with 283 buses, reports the Macedonian information agency (MIA).

Parallel to the protest at the Syntagma square, only 800 meters away, anarchistic and antifascist organizations have organized a contra-protest which led to clashes, and the police reacted with teargas.

At the protest, the Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, various metropolitan bishops of the Greek Orthodox Church and the organizers addressed the protestors.

Theodorakis criticized the Greek government and said that Macedonia is Greek and has asked for a referendum.

“If a Greek government is even considering to sign the approval for a composite name, there is no other choice but to ask the Greek nation about it. I call upon the MPs who have the right to call for a referendum” said Theodorakis.

The house of the Greek composer was sprayed with a red color before he went to attend the protest.