Digitalization and digital knowledge can be the mechanism by which people from the Western Balkans will be able to integrate much faster and more easily into the European Union, said the Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski after meeting with EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel in Sofia.

He added that digitalization, ie digital integration of the Western Balkans, is what could help political integration happen faster, and this is beneficial for the citizens.

“The support of Commissioner Gabriel on this matter is important and the goals and plans of the program for her work. She specifically informed me about all the initiatives she has for the upcoming period and we expect concrete results from all plans. I used this opportunity to invite her to open it as a host country for the first Digital Summit in the Western Balkans. The prime ministers of the countries, the ministries of information and communication technologies will be present, but will also be attended by representatives of the countries from the Berlin Process, the media, and the industry”, said Manchevski.

He added that at the Summit they will be discuss many topics, for example how to improve the digital economy, but also how to improve the digital connection between countries and citizens.

“What we are focusing on is how to improve the digital knowledge of the citizens so that they can use the benefits of the services offered by the states and the system”, Manchevski added.

The minister said that all six countries of the Western Balkans came up with a specific plan for joining other European countries, so there is no more roaming.