Zaev and Rama: Macedonia and Albania don’t have any open political issues

Skopje, 17 October, 2017 - 12:29 (META) 

Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Albanian colleague, Eid Rama, during yesterday’s meeting in Skopje have concluded that Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania have great political relations without any open issues and this is a good basis for intensifying the cooperation in the direction of applying European standards, the economic cooperation, as well as securing conditions for Euro-Atlantic integrations for the whole region, announced the government press service.

Edi Rama arrived yesterday in Skopje to attend the “Summit 100” and as informs the government, he congratulated Zaev for the fair and democratically carried out local elections.

-The results from the local elections are like a wind in the sails for our democratic agenda, as well as a support for the reformatory policies that are opening new perspectives. They serve as a win for the concept of one society for everyone, that will in turn unite the citizens. We shall do everything it takes to justify the trust and to provide a better life for all of the citizens in Maceodnia – said Zaev.

At the meeting, there were discussions about the promotion of economic and trade cooperation between Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania. It was stressed that the joint participation at the “Summit 100” in Skopje is a proof of the political will for the development of the regional economic cooperation, for connecting the business communities, the joint investments, networking, transportation connection.

Both Prime MInisters have agreed to hold three joint government sessions.