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Orban: With Macedonia’s EU and NATO membership, it will fill the hole in the Balkans

Budapest, 20 November, 2015 - 20:47 (META) 

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, said today in Budapest that Hungary will support Macedonia’s membership in the EU and NATO, which, he said, will fill the gap in the Balkans.

Orban said after meeting with Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, that wasn’t announced in Macedonia, said that it in the interest of Hungary, any country in the Balkans had interest, from Greece all the way to his country, to be part of the EU and NATO.

Hungarian Prime Minister said that Hungary stands for a “single economic and security zone and currently there is a gap between Hungary and Greece.”

President Gruevski said that the country have been waiting a several years to join the EU and that it is fully prepared for integration.

Calls for President Ivanov to strip President Orban of his medal

Skopje, 17 September, 2015 - 17:48 (META) 

Users of social networks today wrote individual statuses urging President Gjorge Ivanov to strip the medal “September 8” from Hungarian President Viktor Orban over the violence against refugees and reporters at the Serbian-Hungarian border.

Ivanov’s office said they had no information whether the President was thinking in that direction.

The daily newspaper “Vest” in tomorrow’s edition will call on President Ivanov to Strip the Hungarian President of his medal on its front page.

The Hungarian President in the past few days found himself in the front line of international criticism from politicians worldwide and the public, due to the closure of the borders, the violent use of tear gas and batons against refugees and migrants, and brutality against journalists. Also in the spotlight, the new controversial law which charges refugees and migrants up to a five year prison sentence for illegally crossing the border or vandalism on the fence on the border with Serbia.

Viktor Orban in 2013 was awarded the Order “September 8” as a sign of gratitude for the friendliness Hungary has shown the Republic of Macedonia, and its support of the countries constitutional name.

Macedonia could be part of the route of “Turkish stream”

Будимпшешта, 20 February, 2015 - 11:16 (META) 

“Turkish stream” could pass through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary, said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in an interview with the Russian newspaper “Komersant”.

Orban’s statement comes after a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on which it was discussed about energy and the replacement of the “South Stream”, project which collapsed due to objections from Brussels.

During a meeting with Orban, Putin said that a deviation from the planned route of the “Turkish stream” can be built if Brussels agreed with the idea.

– There are different concepts on the bargaining table of the EU. Different plans are competing with each other. So, there is no need of lobbying, but we should fight for the success of our concept – said Orban.