Criticism of Stojance Stoilov, who left a ceremony due to the use of the Albanian language

Skopje, 27 December, 2018 - 18:36 (META) 

The use of the Albanian language at the “Sports Person of the Year” event, which was organized by Youth and Sports Agency, provoked Stojance Stoilov, representative of the handball association. Stoilov’s actions, writes, has aroused criticism from athletes and sport personalities who are now questioning as to whether his 2017 Sports Person of the Year Award should be taken away from him.

The director of the Macedonian Basketball Federation, Vladimir Temelkovski, called the gesture “sly and low and contrary to the ethos of the sporting spirit”.

“Sports is no place for politics, racial or gender discrimination or nationalism, but obviously some athletes have forgotten the most important and sacred sports credo, that in sport there is no race, religion or nationality. In sport all are equal, and the most persistent and the most dedicated ones win, and for those who give up, and hate, and promote hatred and intolerance, they do not deserve their place in the sport”, Temelkovski wrote, among other things, on his Facebook profile.

Rubin Zemon, who is the Coordinator of the Working Group for drafting a national strategy for inter-culturalism and a society for all, said that Stoilov by his actions showed that he was not an athlete.

“Last night Stojance Stoilov showed that he is not an athlete, but merely a handball player. For an athlete you need to be a great person full of tolerance on and off the field”, Zemon wrote on his Facebook profile.

Macedonia defeats Austria, it will meet Slovenia in the Round of 16

Доха, 23 January, 2015 - 18:39 (META) 

The Macedonian national team defeated Austria in the fifth match of the World Handball Championship, which is held in Qatar, with the result 36:31. This is the fourth victory of the Macedonian handball team.

This match concludes the group stage, and, after two days break, on Sunday, starts the Round of 16. Macedonia will meet Slovenia on its way to the quarter-finals.

Macedonia defeated by Croatia in Qatar

Доха, 21 January, 2015 - 18:32 (META) 

In a tense and difficult match, Macedonia lost to Croatia in the World Handball Championship in Qatar with the result 26:29.

In the first half (14:15), Macedonian handball team was playing excellent, and its game started slowly falling in the beginning of the second half.

Macedonia already secured an entry in the Round of 16 and will play its last group match on Friday (17:00) against the national team of Austria.



Greek Handball Federation reacted to the naming of Macedonia in Qatar

Атина, 20 January, 2015 - 12:40 (META) 

Reactions to the use of the constitutional name in international sports events were not absent for the World Handball Championship in Qatar. Greek Handball Federation sent a letter to the International Handball Federation, in which it reacts for the incorrectly naming of Macedonia on the 24th World Men’s Handball Championship in Qatar and demands the behavior to be corrected during the rest of the events of the tournament.

“On the occasion of improper use of the name of FYROM in certain cases, the World Handball Championship, which takes place in Qatar, in which the neighboring country is participating, the Greek Federation sent a correspondence to the International Handball Federation in which it demands intervention to the local organizing committee for every part in which the name of FYROM is mentioned or announced, in order for it to be done by using its official international name”, reads the statement of the Greek Handball Federation.