Ahmeti, Kasami and Sela are to hold meetings with President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi

Prishtina, 6 January, 2017 - 18:37 (META) 

The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi today held meetings with the leaders of the Albanian parties from Macedonia – DUI, Besa Movement and the Albanian Alliance, who secured seats in Parliament during the early parliamentary elections held on December 11.

Thaçi’s cabinet announced that he had congratulated the leaders of DUI, the Besa Movement and the Albanian Alliance, Ali Ahmeti, Bilal Kasami and Zijadin Sela for holding free and democratic elections.

According to the press release, at the meetings they discussed “the need for a proper coordination of the Albanian political factor which aims to respect the free and democratic will of the Albanian voters expressed at the early parliamentary elections”.

“President Thaçi congratulated the speakers regarding the behavior of the Albanian political parties before and after the elections which should reflect the moment to reaffirm the program and strategic determinations of the Albanians that are in the interest of the European future of Macedonia. At the meeting, the representatives of the parliamentary political parties in Macedonia have expressed their readiness to make an effort and in the best way to represent Albanian interests, all in the service of progress and stability of Macedonia in the long run”, stated the announcement issued by the cabinet of the President of Kosovo regarding the meeting with the three political leaders.

The leaders of DUI, Besa, and the Albanian Alliance at the end of the year, shortly after the elections, went to meetings with the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama in Tirana, where post-election conditions in Macedonia were discussed.