Government to conduct an informative and objective campaign for the referendum

Skopje At its yesterday’s session, the government decided to conduct a public interest campaign for the referendum based on the principles of objectivity, transparency and accountability, informs the government press service. Government Advisor for Euro-Atlantic Integrations Bojan Maricic announced that after…

Government dismisses director of PSB, Lazo Velkovski

Skopje The government has dismissed the director of the Public Security Bureau, Lazo Velkovski. Until a new director is appointed, the PSB will be headed by the current deputy director, Besir Deari. Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski submitted a proposal to dismiss Velkovski after he sent his daughter to Greece with an official jeep and security detail, without permission on Ilinden. He…

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Mickoski on the Referendum: The wrong answer is worse than no answer


There is a proverb which says that the wrong answer is worse than no answer, replied the president of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE to a journalist’s question as to whether VMRO-DPMNE will campaign against or boycott the referendum.

“If you are ›


Orbán congratulates Zaev for Agreement with Greece


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev received a letter from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán congratulating him on the agreement regarding the Macedonian-Greek name dispute and for reaching a strategic partnership between the two countries, reported the government’s press service.

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The referendum will cost 3.5 million euros


The decision adopted in Parliament on Wednesday adopted for the redistribution of funds between budget users, which provides 3.5 million for the implementation of the name referendum is to be held on September 30.

The Ministry of Finance says that ›

skopje cinema city

The Winter Edition of the Skopje Cinema City Film Festival will start this weekend at the Cinematheque of Macedonia


The film festival for music documentaries “Skopje Cinema City” (Skopje Cinema City), will re-screen some of the films it premiered in 2017 as part of the Winter Edition.

The screenings will take place on the 2nd and 3rd ›