Lavrov: Moscow isn’t against Macedonia’s new name but thinks the process is suspicious

Moscow Russian Federation’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, stated that Moscow isn’t against Macedonia’s new name but the legitimacy of the whole process behind it is suspicious, reports Sputnik news agency. -We aren’t against the name that arose in the end. We are asking to what degree this process was legitimate and to what extent it was conditioned by the…

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Sluzben vesnik ustavni izmeni 12jan19 crop - Portalb

New amendments to Constitution published in the “Official Gazette”


Amendments from 33 to 36, together with Constitutional Law on their proclamation, which were voted in with 81 votes, were adopted at the 75th session of Parliament, on Friday, and were published in the 6th issue of the “Official Gazette” ›

Zaev i Cipras potpisuvanje na Dogovor Prespa3

Maslov: Russia doesn’t oppose Macedonia’s new name, it opposes NATO membership


Russia doesn’t oppose the Prespa Agreement regarding the name but it opposes Macedonia’s membership into NATO, said Russian Ambassador to Greece, Andrej Maslov during a briefing in Athens regarding the visit of the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras in Moscow.›


World Bank projections contradict Governments wishes that 2019 will be an economic year


The World Bank in its latest report in January predicts growth in the domestic gross domestic product (GDP) in Macedonia at 2.9 percent in 2019, which is a sign that it will be difficult to achieve the government’s announcement that ›

„Исцелител“, Благој Веселинов и Атанас Тановски

Gjorche Stavrevski’s movie “The Secret Ingredient” is Macedonia’s nominee for an Oscar award


The movie “The Secret Ingredient” directed by Gjorche Stavreski, will be the national candidate from Macedonia to run for the Oscar award for a Best Foreign Language Film for the year 2019, announced today Macedonia’s Film Workers’ Association.

The decision, ›