Poposki: How nice it would have been if Plevneliev was like Zhelev 25 years ago

Skopje 25 years ago, the first country to recognize an independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia came from Sofia, Bulgaria, “followed by all our other friends,” wrote the outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikola Poposki on his Facebook profile, expressing “gratitude…

Bujar Osmani: There is a pressure on us to abandon the principle of “the winner goes with the winner”

Skopje DUI’s spokesperson, Bujar Osmani, in an interview given for the Voice of America in Albanian language said that in Macedonia there is a pressure for disrespecting the principle according to which “the winner of the Albanian community chooses the partner-winner at the Macedonian community.” In the interview, Osmani accused the media that they are exerting pressure this principle to be…

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MFA demands Belgrade urgently remove the FYROM reference from pay toll receipts


The Macedonian ministry of foreign affairs (MFA) has requested from the authorities in Belgrade to urgently change the naming of our country on the fiscal bills issued at the tolls in Serbia, as was announced by MFA.

“The ministry of ›

ambasada na SAD vo Moskva

Harassing diplomats is regular intelligence business from Moscow to Macedonia


Diplomats from the United States, staff in the embassies and their families in Moscow and in several other European countries in the past period have been targets of harassment and intimidation as part of an organized campaign orchestrated and systematically ›


“Balkan Energy”: We are working on the defect, we don’t know when the heating will be back on


Teams from “Balkan Energy” are already out in the field and are intensively working on repairing the defect so there is regular delivery of thermal energy to all customers, informed the company.

“Due to the magnitude of the defect, at ›

rade serbedzija

Rade Šerbedžija arrives tomorrow for the “Manaki Brothers” International Film Festival


Bitola is putting the final touches to tomorrow’s opening ceremony for the 37th International Cinematographers Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”, otherwise known as the Manaki Brothers International Film Festival.

Tomorrow, in front of Bitola’s Cultural Centre, a red carpet will be ›