Zaev: The law is constitutional, let’s reject the policies of divisions, strife and conflict


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, addressing the public, said that the Law on the Use of Languages is a serious contribution to building the concept of “one society for all citizens”, which was supported by the majority of citizens in the last parliamentary and local elections, too.

Zaev stressed that the Law is fully in order with the Constitution and amendment 5, which was adopted, 17 years ago, and that no one is, and can not be above the Constitution.

“No one loses with the promotion regarding the rights to use languages, but provides conditions for better communication between citizens and institutions. The citizen’s smooth communication is a civilized benefit. At the same time, this law fully guarantees the proper use of the Macedonian language. Now is the right time to reject the policies of divisions, strife and conflict, which are contrary to ours and European values”, Zaev said.

Further more, the prime minister said that our duty and responsibility should be the interests of all citizens without exception. According to him, there is no reasonable justification in the blockade of political processes and political institutions such as the Parliament.

“Instead, it is time for us, the politicians, to take the responsibility that we have promised to the citizens and to complete the reform processes in the Republic of Macedonia. It’s time for reforms and economy, it’s time for Macedonia to develop in the interest of all citizens”, Zaev said.

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