At the 22nd Congress of SDSM, the leader of the party, Zoran Zaev was re-elected again as President of the party, while Radmila Šekerinska was re-elected as Vice President.

From the 723 delegates, 643 voted at the Congress, and from that number 597 delegates gave their support to Zaev, who was the only candidate for party leader. At the Congress, members of the Central and Supervisory Board were also elected.

In his closing speech, Zaev thanked the delegates for their support and said he was honoured to lead the party.

“This support, for me is an obligation. I will continue to work with even more determination and faith that we can create a present for all and build a future for all. We have a long road ahead of us, and we ask of you for patience. We will work closely and devotedly. We will build a society of values and equal opportunities. We will have unitary state, guided by democratic values and human rights. Macedonia should be proud, the people took down the regime with the pen and we are close to forming a pro reform European government”, said Zaev.

The keyword that showed how everything functions everywhere is trust, stated Vice President Šekerinska, who also said that the party wants to restore life in Macedonia.

“It was not easy, but step by step, we created an impression that we are the people who know where to take the country and the party. Our goal is known, clear, hard and possible. And that’s forgetting the past 11 lost years and restoring Macedonia towards NATO and the EU. I promise you, that together we will work in favour of Macedonia and in four years time, we will be proud of what we have done”, added Šekerinska.

The Congress lasted for six hours, and the open part of the gathering was attended by the Mayors of DUI, Teuta Arifi, Izet Mexhiti and Nevzat Bejta, the leader of the Besa Movement, Bilal Kasami, the leader of the Dignity party, Stojanche Angelov, former officials from SDSM and MEPs and representatives from sister parties of SDSM.