Zaev: Dialogue without a mediator from Brussels is an impossible mission


At the press conference, opposition leader also announced a conversation between Mile Janakieski and his wife. In the conversation, Janakieski talks to her, pretending to speak Chinese, referring to negotiations with the Chinese. Janakieski said that he should send the Chinese and that he is too tired.

Asked whether Zaev thinks he loses the confidence of Albanian citizens by hiding talks of Albanian parties, SDSM leader replied that they will publish all they have. Zaev promised that everything promised will be published, regardless of which side is interested in what.

To the questions for the hacienda in Greece, Zaev said he did not want to comment on the property of his cousins.

– Everything I have is here, in Macedonia. You can ask the patriots from the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE, who have haciendas in Greece, for property – said Zaev.

Asked whether he would announce talks between officials from the opposition, Zaev said that one of the next steps will be proof of what has the opposition suffered by the government.

In connection with the dialogue in Brussels, the leader of the opposition SDSM said that is acceptable and that it is impossible to establish a dialogue without the international community.

– Our views are clear. We want to give a chance to dialogue – said Zaev.

Asked what would happen if it is proved that Zaev is responsible, SDSM president responded that “evil done by the government is heard.”

– Do you think that the leader of the opposition would come out in public like this without evidence of who did what and how he did it? I have no doubt who did it. However, I’m willing to bear responsibility if proven otherwise – Zaev said.

He said that the census, stratification of the opposition and the case “Monster” are important and that citizens will know the whole truth.

– We have documents that confirm what happened with the census as well – said Zaev.

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