Zaev from the protest: Gruevski, don’t stall, you’re finished, go away!

“We came for our future. I’m sending a concrete, clear message on behalf of all of us here, Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosnians, from different parts of Macedonia, from various civic associations, unions and various political parties. Gruevski, don’t stall, you can see for yourself that you’re finished. Go away! Go away!”, said SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at today’s protest in Skopje.

At the beginning, he asked present citizens for a one-minute silence to honor the police officers who were killed in Kumanovo.

– We made hard efforts for a decade in order to help the truth come to light. It is big as Macedonia. The truth was spilled through words and now it stated rivers on the streets of Skopje. This is what a unit of crimes, lies, torture and dictatorship, embodied in a character who himself doesn’t know his own reflection in the mirror can do – emphasized Zaev.

He urged those present to wake up the man with whistles and help Macedonia.

– Cowardly, from the position of Prime Minister, we heard how cruelly he dealt with opponents, he sent them to prison with gun against their head, demolished and closed down their buildings, stole, took entire plots, rigged the judiciary, hated and took revenge through the institutions, boldly trampled the Constitution and laws. Gruevski is concerned that it would be cowardly if he would leave. Is it not this cowardly, keeping Macedonia hostage? This gathering shows that he must go, like it or not. There is no alternative solution to the crisis – said Zaev.

To restore democracy that they squished, the justice they occupied, Zaev noted that this 17th of May will go down in history of the free Republic of Macedonia.

– The only solution is Nikola Gruevski to resign. Immediately, along with Gruevski, Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski and prosecutor Jovan Ilievski should also resign. The leading structure of MRTV should resign as well. It is necessary to reach a political agreement on a transitional government, which will have a mandate to organize free, early parliamentary elections. The voter list would have to be purged and all the mechanisms of modern Macedonian state to be restored. Therefore, I recommend that we came and won’t leave until they we restore peace, tranquility and dignity of the citizens of Macedonia – emphasized Zaev.

He expects the international community to help, but not only by observation.

– I emphasize that Gruevski’s stubbornness can have consequences that no one wants. Therefore, I want to recommend that all non-governmental organizations will bring a turning point through a reasonable and peaceful process, in which there is no place for thugs. While expecting such resolution of the crisis, we said that this evil will not be repeated for three and a half months. This protest sends a message that the citizens want it. I oblige and guarantee that Macedonia will be a common state for all citizens – said Zaev.

He announced the key principles on which SDSM will build the state:

  • One state – one society;
  • Multiculture starting from the kindergartens;
  • A fair distribution of income;
  • Salaries, pensions, social benefits and taxes adjusted according to income of citizens;
  • Reform of the judiciary;
  • Appointing Public Prosecutor at direct elections or on proposition by the opposition;
  • Body which will guarantee independence of the media;
  • Dismantling the comfort of power;
  • Quarterly report of the Government;

Zaev announced effective health without administrative obstacles, introducing national health account that will allow monitoring spending in health at any time, education system that will be based on foundations raise together by faculty student, high school students, teachers and professors. He announced a reduction in the number of subjects in schools and promised independence of the judiciary, transparency and accountability of politicians.