Xhaferi: The opposition is providing the complete legitimacy of Parliament as it is not a decor


“In the last two years we have been living in a serious social and political crisis that is affecting each citizen, and in most part this crisis is the result of the insufficiently expressed supervisory function of the Parliament over the executive government” said the Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi at the conference, “Citizens participating for a responsible and transparent Parliament” organized by the civil organization “Most”

Xhaferi stressed that the opposition mustn’t be looked upon as a décor, but that it provides the complete legitimacy of any parliament.

-Without an opposition, we cannot talk about parliamentary democracy. By saying that I don’t mean an opposition as a décor, that would only provide legitimacy, but its active role in all of these processes. But, the opposition should be aware that the parliamentary majority has to carry out and accomplish its program since on the basis of its program the people have given it its trust to lead the country. By constituting the Parliament and soon with the forming of a new government, we shall create conditions for the start of the process with which, as a country, and as a society, we shall return on the right tracks that are leading towards the creation of a functional country with independent and functional institutions that will work for the benefit of each citizen – said Xhaferi

Chris Henshaw, the director of the National democratic institute – Macedonia, said that even though the country is facing a lot of challenges, there is a great chance of going forward.

The Parliament in Macedonia is the one that is elected by the citizens and not the government. Therefore, Parliament should control the work of the government and not only to push buttons and to make laws without any real debate for them – said Henshaw

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