VMRO-DPMNE is the record holder with 1.88 million euros in donations in 2016


The record holder between the political parties for collected donations from January 1 to December 31, 2016 is VMRO-DPMNE, with a total collection of 1.88 million euros in membership and donations from individuals and companies, states the report issued yesterday by the State Audit Office.

From the total 5.880 registered contributors, the party collected 115.55 million denars, which amounts to 1.878 million euros. Payments were made by party officials, officials from state institutions and MPs, and also on the list of contributors are Boris Damovski, one of the organizers of the protests by “For a United Macedonia”, who paid 91.000 denars, and analysts Aleksandar Pandov, who gave 30.000 denars and Aleksandar Dashtevski who also contributed 13.000 denars.

On the account of SDSM for 2016, there were 695 donors, mostly individuals, but also companies in the form of discounts for services.

The Besa party had 110 donors, however, most of the money was given by the party leader, Bilal Kasami, 4.500 euros.

In 2016, DUI received subscriptions and donations from 74 individuals, but also, companies such as “Conti Hidroplast” (300.000) and “Europe 92” (577,750). From both companies and from Ilir Hasani, 17.200 euros were given to the party. The Ministry of Justice donated a total of 178.000 euros, and from membership, the party received 31.740 euros.

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