Today, the opposition VMRO-DPMNE called again on Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to make a statement to the public concerning the name talks and again asked for a leadership meeting.

“This is the third day of silence from the government and Prime Minister Zaev on the call for an immediate leadership meeting to discuss the details and the direction of the most important issue to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia, the name issue. The only information available to the Macedonian public is from the Greek media. In addition, this was preceded by a process of restraint in the statements by the prime minister and government officials on the issue of organizing a referendum and the Constitution, which only increases the dilemma that things are moving in an undesirable direction for the Republic of Macedonia”, said the party’s general secretary, Igor Janushev .

He demanded that Prime Minister Zaev publicly come out and say what is being negotiated on the name.

“Does the solution you are negotiating or have already agreed upon mean capitulation for the Republic of Macedonia? There is no reason why we should not have an immediate leadership meeting. The authorities are embroiled in their own lies and false hopes made for the people. They said that President Ivanov is not here, but the president of the state is here. They said that the problem was scheduling the meeting, and so far the leaders have not been contacted at all for a possible time. The government’s obligation is to seek consensus on such historical issues. An immediate leadership meeting will help, it cannot do any harm”, said Janushev.