Government interrupts meetings with high school students, no agreement, the boycott continues


“High school plenum” and the Government didn’t reach an agreement even after the third meeting. The government says it is willing to restore the old concept of graduation and mathematics not to be a compulsory subject, but they won’t make concession to the external testing. High school students say they do not agree with this outcome and will not give up their demands.

– The government and the Ministry of Education adopted its final position regarding the way the graduation exam will be passed this year. In accordance with discussions with various concerned parties, part with students, professors and experts, we decided this year the graduation exam to be taken on the old concept and mathematics not to be mandatory and there would be no electronic testing. In terms of external evaluation, the attitude is that it will proceed in accordance with the existing concept, i.e. there will be no changes this year, but because there are opportunities for improvement, new working groups will be established, which will also work on improving the concept for years to come. I’d used the opportunity to extend my appeal to students, teachers, principals and parents children to go back to school on Monday as much time is lost and a lot of material should be covered, and it is in the best interest of the students – said Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Peshevski.

He said there will be no more meetings, and that there were no formal negotiations with “High school plenum” because, as he said, the question of representativeness is raised.

– Those groups with which we were in contact, including the group that protested in front of the Ministry of Education, were heard in their demands and it is part of what is taken as final position. Because the time is limited, there is no room for further discussion because it cannot be done, considering preparing for the graduation exam this year – added Peshevski.

High school students say they are willing to come to a solution, but that they cannot reach a compromise with the authorities in terms of the external testing. For further steps, they say they will discuss on a general plenum. Meanwhile, the boycott of classes and camping in front of MES continue.

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