Tomorrow, the Union for employees of the factory “Jugohrom” will organize another protest, against what they say is an unjustified shutdown of the furnaces of the factory.

The peaceful protest will take place on Thursday in Skopje, where the employees one will block the intersection in front of the Courthouse for one hour. The protest will start at 12 o’clock.

After 13:00 pm, employees will head towards the Inspectorate for the Ministry of Environment, where they will deliver a letter of protest against the unjustified shutdown of the furnaces at the “Jugohrom” factory.

Just 11 days ago, employees from “Jugohrom” blocked the Tetovo – Skopje motorway, at the pay toll near Zhelino. They called for the decision to be withdrawn from the Environmental Inspectorate regarding the shutdown of the furnaces at “Jugohrom”, and status for the workers until the factory is not restarted. They also asked whether the construction of the water filter purification at the factory hurry.