Today, in a closed session, the Criminal Council will be holding a special evaluation of candidates for the position of President at Basic Court Skopje 1 and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia. The session also will review the situation in Basic Court Skopje 1, following recent scandals, correspondence and criminal charges which have been filed between judges.

The Criminal Council at a session on October 7 announced new openings for the selection of presidents of the Supreme Court and the Basic Court Skopje 1. The possibility of their extraordinary evaluation is permitted by the Law of the Criminal Council.

Candidates for the position of new president of the Basic Court Skopje are the incumbent President, Vladimir Panchevski and judges Ivan Dzolev, and Vladimir Tufegdzhik, while unofficial nominations for the position for the highest court in the country, have been submitted by the current President, Lidija Nedelkova, former President of the Court, Jovo Vangelovski, judge Snezana Bajlozova and Supreme Court Judge, Besa Ademi.