Today in Štip, citizens will donate money towards fines given to members of the “Colourful Revolution”


Today in the city of Štip, a box will be placed at the “Karma Cafe” in the centre of Štip where citizens can donate money towards the fines and penalties which were given to participants of the “Colourful Revolution” in the city. They hope to raise a total of 1300 euros to help them pay the fines.

Through various social networks, an appeal was set up for the three protesters from the “Colourful Revolution” who last week were summoned for police interviews, and was followed with misdemeanor charges for throwing paint in the streets of Štip.

“The fines are for destructing public property with paint. They were painting? So what if they were, at least they brought some colour to the dull greyness of the city. Did they destruct public property? They painted a plant pot, at the very same place a fountain was meant to be! That is where the real crime is! That is why we stand with Goran, Trajche and Borche, because they stand with courage and justice is on their side. We can not allow them to pay these fines alone, because they acted with the most courage, and they expressed their dissatisfaction for all the citizens of Štip. Let’s show them that they are not alone!” Said the appeal for donations.

The donation action will last for three days.

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