The promised uniforms and tablets for students in Shtip are nowhere to be seen, though there are projectors in some classrooms


Photo: HalGatewood, Unsplash

In his election manifesto titled “We Vouch for Shtip; Create New Future”, the Mayor of the Municipality of Shtip, Ivan Jordanov promised to provide new computers/tablets for every primary school student by the end of 2022. In addition, Jordanov has promised to secure uniforms for primary school students, as well as projectors for every classroom in the city, by the end of 2022. Up to date, the procurement of computers for every student has not been done, the same goes for the uniforms, and only some of the classrooms have installed projectors. Therefore, we assess two of the promises made as unfulfilled and one promise as partially fulfilled.

In the election campaign, in the part titled “Equal opportunities for education for all”, on page 29 of his Work Program, Jordanov wrote:

“With the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that online communication can sometimes be the only tool for learning and socializing for students. Therefore, we are obligated to secure a technical tool for every student to not only participate in the teaching process but also to work on the project tasks of the school. Funding model: Budget of the Municipality of Shtip, business sector. Deadline of implementation: 2022.”

In addition, in the part related to education, on page 29 of his Manifesto, he specifies:

“In order to decrease the differences between the students and place the focus on the rearing and educational process, the Municipality will provide uniforms for all primary school students in the Municipality of Shtip. Funding model: Budget of the Municipality of Shtip, business sector. Deadline of implementation: 2022”.

On page 30, his Manifesto states:

“In the 21st century when technology has an upward trend, if we want the students to be prepared to embrace modern tendencies of the labor market, we are obligated to create contemporary conditions for participating in the teaching process, by procuring projectors. The project will be funded from the municipal budget, while the deadline for implementation is 2022”.

Since Meta.mk did not receive answers to the questions we sent in an e-mail to the Municipality, we called Mayor Jordanov on the telephone. Regarding the promised projectors he explained that part of the devices were procured and installed in the classrooms. In terms of student uniforms, the procurement plan for 2023 Budget had apparently envisaged the purchase and he added that the procurement procedure will be implemented in the following months.

“Students up to fifth grade will have uniforms. Regarding the tablets for all students, we still have not provided that. Last year we procured tablet computers for some of the schools, but not for all of the students. Due to the fact that physical presence is again back in schools, there was no need to purchase these devices for the time being, and this procurement is at a standstill point. We focused on the uniforms and the projectors that will be procured in the first half of this year”, replied Mayor Jordanov.

Concerning the procurement of projectors for every classroom, it is also announced on the website “New Future for Shtip“. Otherwise, for 2023, the Mayor in his Manifesto has promised to provide every school with a smart board because – as he put it – the students deserve that. Will he fulfill his promise, remains to be seen?

On the basis of the answers Meta.mk got, we can conclude that the promise to secure tablets for all students is not fulfilled, and the promise to procure uniforms is not fulfilled either within the deadline determined until the end of 2022, while the promise to provide projectors for every classroom is partially fulfilled.

Election Manifesto “We Vouch for Shtip; Create New Future“, checked 17.01.2023;

Website “New Future for Shtip“, checked 17.01.2023;

Telephone statement by the Mayor of Municipality Stip, Ivan Jordanov.

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