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Verusevski received three years in prison

Former director the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence Zoran Verushevski received a prison sentence of three years for illegal possession of weapons. "Considering the facts and evidence submitted by the Public Prosecution and the defense in the case, as well as a detailed analysis of the closing arguments of the parties, the trial court, after counseling and voting, reach a...

Everyone on vacation this summer, only Gruevski and Zaev in a courtroom on the trial of the century?

Lawyer Angele Ilievski, defender of the first suspect in the case "Puch" Zoran Verushevski, in his statement for META denies the information conveyed by part of the media that the indictment against the suspects will be ready in a week. - The indictment cannot be ready in a week because we have a deadline of 15 days in which we...