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No jail time for Jankuloska or Bozinovski – The Court has rejected all of Janeva’s appeals

The appeals by the Special Prosecutor have been rejected on the grounds they are unfounded. It follows the preliminary proceedings where a judge ruled against pre-trial detention for the former Interior Minister Gordana Jankuloska, the Secretary General of Government Kiril Bozinovski along with three other suspects in Operation "Titanic". This decision was brought by a panel made up of...

Janeva’s appeals rejected – No pre-trial jail time for Janakieski and Temelko, and that’s definite!

The Criminal Council of the Basic Court Skopje 1, which is made up of three judges, dismissed the Special Prosecutor's appeals as on the grounds they were unfounded in regard to the Judge's decision at the Preliminary proceedings that former Minister of Transport & Communications Mile Janakieski, and the Mayor of Pustec in Albania Edmond Temelko,  as well as...