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Metamorphosis Foundation and Vistinomer participate in the biggest fact-checking database for European Elections

Foundation Metamorphosis and the web portal Vistinomer are collaborating in a project with the European Fact-Checking Standards Network (EFCSN) and a coalition of over 40 fact-checking organizations across Europe to create a comprehensive fact-checking database focused on the 2024 European Parliament Elections, supported by Google. This first-of-its-kind open database collects and categorizes political fact-checks, disinformation debunks, prebunking articles and narrative...

“MIT Technology Review” reviews a study of Macedonian scientists

Student Verica Lazova and her professor Lasko Basnarkov from the Faculty of Information Science and Computer Engineering (FINKI) found a new way to harness popular algorithm for ranking websites on "Google", this time making the rankings of the best football teams of all times. The review of their study was ten days ago published by the prestigious portal "MIT Technology...