There can not be one-party elections, Parliament must assemble and withdraw its decision to hold elections on June 5, was the message tonight from protesters of the “Colourful Revolution”. According to them, the Government wants to legalise their dictatorship.

Demonstrators left their trademark of colour across Parliament, and on the street, they wrote in large letters, “You can not wipe out the Colourful Revolution 2016”.


The Chairwoman of the Committee for Labour and Social Policy from the SDSM, Mila Carovska, called on Parliament to assemble and withdraw the decision to go to the polls on June 5.
“With one party, there is no choice, and there will be no elections on June 5! We pretend to have state, we pretend to have a democracy, but what we really have is a dictatorship and was paid for worth 7,5 million euros”, said Carovska.

As a representative from leftist organisations, Zoran Vasilevski recalled that former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski came to power in more or less democratic system through a television station, he later destroyed.

“Our position is clear from May the 5th. We will protest because we don’t agree with partial solutions in a country where young people are leaving. I find myself in a situation trying to convince a friend not to go abroad, and not to leave the country but with no good arguments”, said Vasilevski.

Demonstrators say that the pardoned political elite can not run the country, these are people who call protesters hooligans, are the same people who have been stealing and turned it into a business.

The colouring continued from Parliament to the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where protesters for a second time hurled paint at the facade of the ministry and spray painted the message, “No justice, No peace”.


The protests traditionally started in front of the Special Prosecutor’s Office, and at the intersection of Mitroplit Teodosij Gologanov Boulevard and St Kliment Ohridski Boulevard, protesters wrote in colour on the asphalt, “Colourful Revolution Start”.

The protest ended in front of the Government building where activists armed with slingshots and balloons filled with paint tried to colour the facade of the building.