Skopje celebrated the victory of the Macedonian national football team and the entry in the European Football Championship (Photo gallery)


The victory of the Macedonian football team in the match against Georgia and the entry in the forthcoming European Championship, was widely celebrated in the capital, Skopje throughout the early morning.

The first entry in a European Football Championship in Macedonian history has pulled out the citizens of Skopje on the streets and the flags and the scarfs with the Kutlesh sun symbol were a common sight. Also, part of the people on the streets of the capital of North Macedonia were shouting nationalistic slogans.

The national football team which landed in Prishtina on its way back from Tbilisi was greeted this morning at the Blace border crossing by Prime minister Zoran Zaev, journalists, and supporters. Zaev was accompanied by the Vice Prime Minister Artan Grubi and the Director of the Agency for Young and Sport, Naumche Mojsovski.

“This joy was caused by Macedonian football heroes that left their hearts at the stadium in Tbilisi and have brought victory that the Macedonian history hasn’t seen before and as a result the Macedonian national football will be part of the European Championship. The whole country, all Macedonian citizens are sharing the joy of the success of the national football team. One goal for all, one victory for all! This is what happens when Macedonians, Albanians, Turks play together in the same jerseys, under the same flag for the common homeland. This shows that we can be one for all and all for one,” said Zaev.

The prime minister announced that the government will reward the members of the national football team with 10.000, 00 EUR each.

Hristijan Mickoski, VMRO-DPMNE’s President, also congratulated the Macedonian national team members on their historical success.

“A victory worth 30 years and a historic result. Congratulations to the heroes that showed with their hearts, effort, and talent that Macedonia can achieve big things. Macedonia bows to you. We are who we are. We are Macedonians. Forward Macedonia!,” said Mickoski on his Facebook profile.

Health Minister Venko Filipche also congratulated the victory but warned people to observe the measures against COVID-19 during the celebrations which unfortunately weren’t completely observed.

“Congratulations boys! Congratulations, you are writing history! This is a major day and you deserve to celebrate, but I beg you to observe the protective measures. The excitement is enormous, but I believe that this is the start of the celebrations for the successes of the Macedonian national football team,” wrote Filipche on the social measures.