Official documents published on the website of the European Union revealed that the Gruevski’s Government gave the business of the German company “Ludwig Pfeiffer”, which is a tenant in the house of Minister Mile Janakieski, through a direct agreement, popularly called tete-a-tete, blames Peter Shilegov, spokesman of SDSM.

– As stated in the documents, four interested companies registered on the tender, but Deputy Prime Minister Stavreski signed the contract with a company headquartered on the property of Janakieski in Prilep. All this happens after a tender is once canceled. 2012 IPA report reveals scandalous information. The document reads: the project for the treatment plant in Prilep faced further delays to the tender stage and the EU delegation finally had to cancel evaluation due to the existence of a serious concern for breach of the confidentiality of the process – emphasized Shilegov.

Opposition spokesman said Gruevski, Stavreski and Janakieski should immediately explain these matters to the public.

– Politicized institutions are silent third day in a row – accused Shilegov.